• The SWMSS Cooperative Food Purchasing Program provides quality food and food service supply items to schools and other child-based organizations across Montana at a substantial cost savings through high-volume bid purchasing. All food items adhere to the guidelines of the Federal School Lunch Program and food nutritional information. These items are updated by our Advisory Committee and put out to bid twice a year, with up to four deliveries for each order period. The bid pricing we receive is based on order quantity averages from the previous two bid cycles. 

    ~ updated Dec. 28, 2017 ~
    Bid Award Date 11/16/17 to Food Services of America (FSA)
    Order Window Opened.......11/20/17
    Order Window Closed.......12/13/17
    1st Delivery Period.......Jan. 29 - Feb. 16, 2018 
    2nd Delivery Period.......TBD (aprox. 4 weeks after 1st)
    3rd Delivery Period.......TBD (aprox. 4 weeks after 2nd)
    4th Delivery Period Ends.......April 2018 TBD